VIP Access


We understand that people from across the world need to access our services but they cannot come manually to our premises. We have all the resources for you online but you need to subscribe for our services to be delivered to you directly. You can sign up for free but you are not going to get special services like our library and

#1. For single access

If you are doing your research and you want to use our library online, then you will have to pay only $10 to have access to all the resources. We are here before you subscribe to let you know the benefits of subscribing to all these things. This is not a self-service thing because we know you might not be aware of how to use our platform. That is why we ensure that everything is elaborated when you pay to enjoy our services.

#2. Annually subscription

You might be interested to know our services in detail and use them daily and regularly. For only $30 per year, you can access all these services without any impairment. We will give you all the updates about our new books and videos that we have brought in store and we will ensure that we keep you informed at all times. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email in case you feel like something is not right in your subscription. This is the best way to let us act so that you get better services.