Neko Atsume: A Cat-Diction!

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“I instantly became addicted to the game. I showed it to my sister, cousins and friends. Soon we were all texting each other screenshots about which cats were in our yards.”- Jewel Loree

From Mr. Meowgli to Billy the Kitten, who will you get addicted to? Step into a virtual world of cat lovers and share in this cat-dictive experience by attracting cats with strategically placed food and items!
Neko Atsume or the “Cat Collecting” game is an exiting development in the field of arts and entertainment. This game was released in October 2014 and has since then received such a high success rate that it was translated into English in October 2015. Yutaka Takazaki, the project manager of Neko Atsume, claims that this game was intentionally developed for Japanese users and that the large foreign interest took the Kyoto-based company by surprise. Hit-Point (company) has definitely impressed with their on-paw translation into English, as it is of high standards and therefore proves that a lot of energy and time has been put into the translation process. According to an article on CNN, published on the 8th of July 2015, this app has already been downloaded 5.5 million times since the launch in 2014 and has made headlines as the “addicting app where you feed stray cats”. On a negative note it should also be said that “neko atsume cheats goldfish iPhone” has also been in the news. Even with this information, Takazaki says that 40% of all downloads are from outside Japan!
images (7)It is clear that this cat-craze has taken the world by force and refuse to become another “once-played”, forgotten mobile app. The goal of this game is genius in it’s simplicity because you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to be able to succeed. All you have to do is to lure a variety of cats into your garden with temptations such as food, beds and toys. The cats also have their own unique personalities and will act accordingly, for example: Some cats (like the pompous King Xerxes) may be pickier than others and will only visit your garden if you put out a certain item of type of food (like an expensive “Zanzibar Cushion” or sushi). Fish is deemed the currency of the game and the amout of fish you get will be determined by the special amount of time the cats spend in your garden- so make their visit a good one! Silver fish is the most common currency while the rare gold fish are worth much more.
images (8)Even with it’s simplistic, uncomplicated objective, this game provides somewhat of a challenge when it comes to attracting cats! Whether it’s choosing the right combo’s or luring the correct cat with the correct toy- it is definitely helpful to know a bit about the cats’ personalities. In the end, your success will be determined by your ability to utilize the items at hand (like food and toys) to attract the best suitable cat-didates for your garden and by doing so, receive more fish.Now for the million dollar question: Why do people get addicted to this cat crazy game? The answer is quite simple actually…with adorable kitties, minimum loading times and short commitment spans…how can you NOT get addicted!

Maximize Site Potential with SEO Site Audit

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SEO Audit means to track the performance of the various SEO activities organized for a website. Through the SEO website audit, the status of the site as evaluated by search engines can be checked. With SEO audit, there is now a way to examine the robustness of the website’s technical framework and framework, which contains SEO keywords, content, meta tags, and link popularity, and in comparison with top competitors.

Benefits SEO Audit


There are many benefits of an SEO Toronto audit. Here are a few of them:

  1. An SEO website audit can identify reasons for poor ranking performance and Suggest helpful performance improvement recommendation.
  2. It can evaluate the level and scale of poor performance. It can also fix whatever damage done by past internet marketing toronto methodologies by providing precious executive information on whether to hire professional SEO experts to work on the problem, or continue with in-house SEO work.
  3. The site audit assurances management buy-in and support, particularly when conducted by a third-party SEO assessor. When accepted by existing metrics, this can induce decision makers in the company that in process and future SEO strategies are working successfully for the business.

Making toronto designed audit a part of the business road map should be one of the most important activities for a company. It guarantees that the company’s SEO programs are well-validated and worth the asset

The output of an SEO web site audit is a report on the site’s performance. It contains the questions and problems that is the reason of poor website performance, and the most resourceful and effectual toronto web design techniques to utilize to improve performance. Furthermore, this report will identify SEO methodologies that can be removed from the SEO program in total since they are not effectual and are a waste of investment.